Balanced protein diet

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Balanced protein diet

High-protein nutrition

4 or 12 weeks balanced
protein diet, including daily menu. Consultation via e-mail. Our nutritionists
will process a balanced protein diet, taking into consideration your specific

What is the balanced
protein diet?

This type of diet is
characterized by the consumption of a high amount of proteins, alongside the
consumption of fruit and vegetables; so it is excellent for maintaining muscle
mass while losing fat, without hunger. As a result of reduced fats and
carbohydrates, this diet decreases insulin production and contrasts body mass
storage. The pyramidal system includes a strict protein diet only in the first
and second weeks, followed by a reintroduction phase of new foods in the third
and fourth weeks. This type of diet allows increase of thermogenesis due to the
diet and increase of basal metabolism due to the muscle mass growth. Nitrogenous
waste products produced by the body are expelled due to the great amount of
fruit and vegetables in the diet.