Genetic diet

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Genetic diet

Genetic nutrition plan

Did you follow different
diets and you did not lose weight? Or did you gain the same amount or more
weight, after following the diet? Try our genetic diet and solve your weight
problems definitely.

Genetic diet is a
personalized diet based onyour metabolic profile, which is aimed
at losing weight. The metabolic profile is defined through a genetic test.

The customer will provide the
biological sample, alongside information about the health status filling in a
self-assessment questionnaire.

This is a personalized plan which
help you to lose weight definitely, because it is based on your DNA profiling. Indeed
there is not a diet that is right for everyone, but there is a personalized
diet that is right for each one.

What is the genetic

You will receive the kit and the instructions for
doing a proper sample collection directly at home. Place the buccal swab, which
is included in the kit, into your mouth and rub it on the inside of your cheeks
to pick up a sample of epithelial cells found in saliva. Please fill in the
online questionnaire, informed consent and privacy forms. Send all to the
address that is written in the instructions.

Consultation via e-mail
during the diet program.