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DNA PROLIFE DNA PROLIFE does every DNA test using strict analytical processes, severely checked and supervised by automatic systems and highly qualified staff. Moreover, everything is performed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001:2005.
ISO 9001:2008 guarantees the company process, so the final customer can absolutely trust in the services and products we offer. Indeed the services and products we offer correspond to specific techniques and all the production phases are marked and verifiable.
ISO 14001 guarantees the organization of certified environmental management system and shows our commitment to reduce pollution and improve the environmental management system continuously. In this way, we can improve our respectful behaviour towards the environment.
The purpose of ISO 27001:2005 is to protect the data and information from every danger, to ensure integrity, privacy and availability, and to give qualifications for choosing the right information security management (SGSI) focused on the right substantial company data management.
The tools used by DNA PROLIFE DNA ProLife, DNA ProLife uses avant-garde tools with the purpose of giving innovative, detailed and latest generation analysis to its customers. Among these tools are: StepOnePlus real-time PCR equipment, Qubit 2.0, centrifuges 16000 rpm, vortex, dry baths and waterbaths, 4 and -20°C constant temperature refrigerators using temperature data loggers linked to specific computers, and last but not least, the whole analytical process is performed at temperature and humidity strictly regulated. Every laboratory room is refrigerated independently to avoid any contamination. There are decontaminated carpets and disposable wardrobe in every room. We use the most sensitive reagents, that are made in America for forensic investigations, and able to detect also very little DNA concentrations in dry buccal swabs.


Laboratories which cooperate with DNA PROLIFE.

DNA ProLife The avant-garde laboratory equipment available represents an essential part of the complex organizational structure. A constant update of the techniques applied to molecular diagnostic and high-level robotized systems, guarantees maximum reliability of results. The total analytical process is constantly supervised by specialised staff, to guarantee the total safety of samples identification and results. Analytical methods and tools used by DNA ProLife are subjected to certifications and national and international programmes qualified for Quality External Controls. Equipment is computerized and managed by a last generation computer system designed and developed for DNA ProLife, this system can supervise every production phase and operative logistic, managing all the process step-by-step. The analytical process has CE marking: the use of reagents and equipment with CE IVD marking is guaranteed from DNA extraction to all the analytical passages. Our strong points are the techniques and professional competencies to offer avant-garde services.

DNA ProLife's Philosofy

Working in the sector of wellness and predictive and alternative medicine represents a big responsibility. We look ahead into the future and the progress: our choices ensure the best efficiency, employing highly specialized staff and last generation equipment, with a constant and continuous evolution in respect of maximum qualitative standards.

Who receives DNA ProLife's services

Our main representatives are Italian, European and Middle Eastern citizens. Our services are also addressed to pharmacies, herbalist’s shops, wellness centres, spa, specialized physicians and holistic medicine operators.